[Pics] House of Dior at the NGV

Hello, did you make it to the Dior exhibition? Despite managing to see it three times, I’m only just sharing images with you now, and for that I must apologise. It’s been widely covered in the press, and sadly, has just recently closed so if you did see it, I hope there is some joy here in remembering favourite gowns, and if you haven’t seen it perhaps there should be something new for you to love.

I was fortunate to be invited to the media launch so managed to take most of these without the crowds that later attended, but I’ve included a couple of pics so you can see how it was loved and very well attended.

Before the opening, and afterwards.

Vintage Made magazine have asked me to review the exhibition, so watch out for the next edition, out next month for my full take on it, but in the meantime I’d like to say that it was wonderful and sumptuous and as extravagant as you imagine it to be.

All the designers were included, and it made me a little sad to see the work of Galliano: talented but flawed man that he is.

In particular, it was lovely to see the Dior ladies, working their magic by hand in a mock up of the Parisian atelier. It really brings the fashion to life to see the toiles and some of the work involved. The best fashion can sometimes appear to have just magicked into being, sans effort like the beautiful artworks that they are, but I can assure you that a great deal of work goes into any one of these creations.

Bravo, NGV and I hope we see many more exhibitions like this. May I put in a request for the House of Schiaparelli next time?

Mes dames et Monsieur Brunschwig.

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