[Pics] Edith Head at the Bendigo Art Gallery

Hello, have you been to see the Edith Head at Bendigo yet? It’s a big exhibition with lots of lovely things to see. I have some pics for you, and I hope you like them but this is only a small part of what is there – more than seventy costumes and sketches, many of which are accompanied by photos or video of the original actors wearing them.

Edith Head had an impressive career as Costume Designer, probably the most famous and successful of them all, and one of the people who most inspired me when I went off to study costume design and later working in film. I’ve waited a long time to see so many of her wonderful creations and top marks to the Bendigo for putting this exhibition together: it’s quite a feat. Almost too big to take it all in as she was very prolific and there are a lot of her costumes still existing. She dressed almost all of the big stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood up to the late ’70s.

Edith still holds the Academy Awards record for the highest number of nominations and wins for a woman – 35 nominations for eight wins.

I’ve enjoyed putting these photos together because it’s a chance to relive it – when you’re there, it’s easy not to pay too much attention to any one particular outfit, especially if it’s a busy day at the gallery. What really struck me was how subdued a lot of the colours were: many of these were worn in black and white films where the lighter colours were easier to read, and many are from the ’50s when a more subtle pallet was fashionable too. Film costumes are tools for the actor to create character, they don’t usually speak as loudly as theatre costumes as they have the luxury of being seen up close, hence the lovely detailing.

There are many highlights as Head’s skill is evident in crisp tailoring with signature seaming, embellished silk ballgowns, period costume and dance costumes. It was nice to see the men’s costumes weren’t left out either.

Exhibition closes January 21st, 2018.

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