Vintage 101

A series of posts that tackle assorted issues of vintage clothing care, identification and restoration.

A Brief History of the Mary Jane shoe.
A short history of vintage stockings and pantyhose.
Antique Lace.
Beaded cardigans of the ’50s and ’60s.
Buying vintage at auction.

– Caring for your clothing collection

Dating vintage clothing using care labels.

Decoding vintage sizing.

Domestic glamour: the joy of dressing gowns.
Dry cleaning your vintage textiles.
Fabric deterioration – Dry Rot.
Fabric deterioration – Iron Mordant.
Fabric deterioration – Shattering Silk.
Fabric deterioration – Sun damage.
Fan-laced corset.
Fashion in half-mourning.

How to date vintage clothing.

-How to dress 1950s Pin Up style.
Identifying an updated 1920s dress.-
I want to wear my vintage.

– I’m going to a 1920s party.
Laundering vintage gloves.
Laundering vintage scarves.
Looking for clues in fashion labels.
Madame Weigel and her fashion journal and sewing pattern service.
Not as Described – buying vintage online.
Peter Russell couture London
Reconstructing a 1920s beaded dress.
Reconstructing a 1950s coat dress.
Restoring a 1920s sequinned dress
Restoring an early 1940s American evening gown
Rope petticoats and crinolines.
Sharpies and ’70s fashion.
Test your vintage knowledge by dating sewing patterns.
The dreaded clothes moth.
Tweed identification.
Vintage fabric dyeing.
Vintage fashion for beginners – part one, fabrics
Vintage is not for everyone.
Vintage versus Vintage reproduction fashion.
Watch out for Devil Dust.


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