Auction this Sunday

So lately my life has been mostly about the auction on Sunday at Steve Graham’s in Woodend. Many of the items on offer have never been into Circa so they’re all fresh and new. Some are listed separately, some in lots up to ten pieces (for clothes) and fifty pieces (for jewellery).

The earliest is from the 1860s and it goes up to modern including some treasured items from my late ’90s goth wardrobe from Anton’s and Gown of Thorns, and items featured in my latest book “Style is Eternal”. A whole rack of wedding gowns from the ’20s to the ’80s, some of which are new oldstock.

I’ve tried to offer a selection of everything: from every era, style, size and colour and of course, all of the accessories but there’s a lot from the ’60s-70s-80s because Circa in future will be focusing more on the earlier eras. So if you love fashions from that time, you’re in for a treat.

There’s also a bunch of menswear, childrenswear, haberdashery, millinery materials like flowers and netting, and miscellaneous things like old watches, furniture, shop fittings. Mannequins. Displays. Buttons. Fabrics – whenever I repair or restore something I’ve kept the offcuts as they’re too beautiful to part with, so I have scraps going back a good way including some fabulous florals and prints.

I actually can’t believe that I had some of these things – it’s been a revelation! This is what happens when you have so much, you forget what you have and sadly I’ve collected so much the collection was too large and hard to work with. I’ll confess that the collection exceeded my ability to work it properly many years ago and so it became easier to just keep buying more and expand the stockroom(s) – which of course makes things worse. So even though there are about thousands of pieces in the sale, it’s less than 10% of the collection as a whole so if this goes well there will be more auctions I hope.

The catalogue is now available online (copies are also available at the auctioneer) and viewings are today (Friday 1-5pm), tomorrow (Saturday 1-5pm) and Sunday from 8.30am. Absentee and phone bidding is available for those who can’t be there on the day. With the exception of a very small (count on one hand) number of items, it’s all without reserve and must sell. 15% buyers premium applies.

Here is the link to the page on Steve Graham Auctioneer’s site.
Here’s the address: 64 Urquhart Street Woodend
The auction is from 10am on Sunday and will go all day.
Here’s an article in the Australian Auction Review.

Here are some snaps of items in the sale – some of my favourite things are here! Come along and pick up something beautiful and very reasonably priced. Hope to see you on Sunday!

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