[Pics] The Garden Party Exhibition

Recently I was honoured to speak at the opening of this wonderful new – and free! – exhibition of fashion from the Darnell Collection called The Garden Party at the Maroondah Art Gallery. Here is a programme of events. It covers fashions from 1890s to the 1950s and there are lots of wonderful frocks to delight.

It’s on until November 21st and I encourage you to visit and view these beautiful fashions and accessories.

Here are a few quick snaps from the day.

Garden Party 2

Garden Party 3

Garden Party 4

Garden Party 5

Garden Party 6

Garden Party 7

Garden Party 8

Garden Party 9

Garden Party 10

Garden Party 1
Last photo reproduced courtesy Maroondah City Council – all other pics are my own.


  1. Thanks lovely! Great post too, your lace frock is just divine and perfectly suited for a nice wedding. Good to see that even the couple in the background joined the colour scheme too.
    One of my favourite sayings is that “it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed”.

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