Introducing Vesper

Hi all,

I’d like to introduce you to Vesper White – burlesque performer and creatrix extraordinaire, and now modelling for Circa’s webshop.

From her website:
Vesper is an award-winning visual artist who works within a multitude of mediums, including film, performance art, sculpture, animation and design. After a Bachelor of Visual Arts with COFA in 2009, White moved to Melbourne to further her creative world and completed a Bachelor of Film & Television in early 2015.

White has laid siege to stages and galleries around Australia for the past eight years. Best loved for her darkly alluring burlesque acts, Vesper has no fear in exploring the traditional, the horrifying and the bizarre. Her work often confronts sexuality, power and gender identity, while experimenting with the female body in live space. Her journey plunges deeply into the realms of the ‘wild woman’ and primordial goddess archetypes.

Vesper featured as a headline artist in the 2012 Australian Burlesque Festival National tour, and has toured with a multitude of national productions, including Big Day Out, Parklife, The Dead of Winter Festival, Gorelesque, Naked Girls Reading, Baby Got Back, The League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen and Metropolis 2040.

For many years I’ve admired Vesper and so I’m enjoying the opportunity to work with her at last. She’s roughly a size 12 and quite tall, so just as Kelly Ann models the smallest of my vintage fashions, you’ll see Vesper modelling the taller styles.

Here are some pics from our recent shoot – all styles are available (or soon will be) from the webshop.

Circa Vintage Webshop 1584144

Circa Vintage Webshop 1584196

Circa Vintage Webshop 1584242

Circa Vintage Webshop 1584163

Circa Vintage Webshop 1584186

You can find out more about Vesper at her website – note that her site contains adult content and tends towards the saucy.

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