[Film] Women He’s Undressed – free tickets!

I’m looking forward to seeing the new film about Australian costume designer Orry-Kelly – he famously dressed Marilyn Monroe in beaded silk for her film “Some Like it Hot” – and you must know that I’m always pleased to have an opportunity to showcase a photo of my favourite movie star.

MM singing “I’m through with love”, “Some Like it Hot” 1959.

“Some Like it Hot” is a classic Old Hollywood style film, with only a certain amount of authenticity in the period settings: so most of the characters were dressed in ’20s style fashions but Marilyn’s sumptuous curves are very much on display. Which is good, because it would be a tragedy to strap that famous figure down.

Orry-Kelly won an Academy Award for his costumes in the film, one of three he received, meaning that up until very recently – when Catherine Martin followed in his footsteps and dressed Carey Mulligan in beaded silk ’20s – he had won more than any other Australian. He’s long been an inspiration to me.

You may recall that a while ago, I was tasked with restoring Natalie Wood’s costume from “Gypsy” (1962) and I was impressed with the attention to detail.

Natalie Wood in her big number “Let me entertain you” in Gypsy, 1962.

Both of these costumes and a lot more, including his very interesting and fabulous life are featured in Gillian Armstrong’s new film. Here’s a trailer:

Rialto Distribution have sent me a small number of double passes to see the film “Women He’s Undressed and if you’d like one, all you have to do is place an order through the webshop for the vintage fashion treasures of your choice. First come, first served: good luck!

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