Pics: Ballarat Heritage Weekend Swimwear exhibition

I’ve just got back from Ballarat, from setting up the swimwear exhibition. I’m sure that you’re all going to see it this weekend (it is, after all, free entry) but in case you can’t make it, here are some pics – twenty two of my finest ladies swimsuits from the late 1920s to the 1970s, roughly in chronological order of era.

Here is the info about the exhibition. It’s only on this weekend, at the Trades Hall (24 Camp Street) and there are lots of other fabulous things happening so I encourage you to make the trip, if you’re not fortunate to already live in the fair city.

Regular readers will probably recognise a few swimsuits – some of these were featured on ABC’s Collectors, my book Love Vintage and the fashion parade for Madeleine Hamilton’s book launch for “Our Girls”. I was so thrilled to receive one in particular, it got it’s own post.

Whilst setting up, a photographer from Ballarat Courier newspaper popped by, so I expect there may be some coverage this weekend in the local press. Hurrah! An unexpected photo session and a reminder that carrying red lipstick with you can be a very good thing.

Mannequins provided Mannequin Revolution.


  1. I saw the exhibition today, some excellent swimsuits. If only girls wore such tasteful and beautiful garments to the beach today.
    My mother was the Trades Hall supervizor today, she had heard about Cirva Vintage from me before hand and was rather pleased to meet you.
    I hope you enjoyed the Heritage Weekend, you swimsuits were getting around one hundred visitors and hour if I recall correctly.

  2. Oh but I want to see Miss Fiona in that leopard print one! πŸ™‚
    What an amazing job getting all those up, and I’m so please that there are more and more people appreciating these simply beautiful bathing suits. They are all so fantastic and glad to see you have my favorite blue floral one too.

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