Swimwear on the Collectors

For those who missed last Friday night’s episode of ABC1 “Collectors”, here is the segment where I talk about vintage swimwear – and the lovely Candice deVille does a wonderful job modelling some of my ladies designs. You’ll also get to see a bit of Circa, which has recently been expanded to include a better fitting room area, complete with rose print carpet.

It will be repeated on ABC2 on Monday night. The full episode can be viewed online for a limited time.

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  1. wow! that was great nicole, you have such a lovley voice…so fitting for taking about vintage 🙂
    all those swimmers were beautiful, i particularly liked the blue bikini..super cute.
    and your shop looked fabulous as usual…congratulations

  2. Annette: it’s my favourite. Can you believe that I used to wear that on hot summer days in Perth? It’s especially good with a gin and tonic in hand.

    Poppet and Jayne: thank you!

  3. Nicole & Candice- you look fabulous (as always)

    You have a wonderful collection! We should compare cossies on day ; )


  4. Thanks Becky – I’ve been adding to it since then too (which is just as well – half the ones in the clip above we’ve sold since the shoot in September).

  5. Congrats on your segment, it was fantastic! I’m so in awe of your shop, I can’t imagine having a collection as wonderful as yours.I loved the red bathers.(Beautiful)

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