Seen at Circa: Foxtrot India

On Saturday, local burlesque star Foxtrot India aka Fiona Hamilton, came to visit us at Circa – her ’50s floral dress caught my eye and I thought you might like to see it too. She bought it at a great little vintage shop at Covent Garden in London, perhaps when she was studying at the London School of Striptease?




Fiona knows how to wear her vintage – she was also one of the models at the recent Circa vintage fashion parade.


  1. What an adorable dress! I’d love to see it without the belt–it has such lovely vertical lines.

    And what a great stagename! Foxtrot India is the phonetic alphabet for “FI”–a common diminutive for Fiona here in the US. She’s very photogenic–any chance you could send her to Yosemite for a photoshoot?

    Just askin’…


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