Pics: Love Vintage – book launch, fashion parade and a contest.

Last Wednesday we held the Melbourne book launch for Love Vintage, with a vintage parade of thirty outfits from the ’30s to the ’70s (most of which are featured in the book).

Without further ado, allow me to present some photos from the parade – if you click on each one, you can see it in full. All photos courtesy Victoria Bennett.

I’d also like to thank everyone who helped with the event –
Models: Candice DeVille, Samantha Doll, Becky Argent, Fiona Hamilton, Nici Blue Eyes and Nicole Gregurek.
MC: Andrew McClelland.
DJ: Nic Toupee.
Doorman: Jeremy Murphy.
Stage Manager: Anna Schoo.
Dressers: Esther Hayes, Remie Cibis and Denise Cox.
Hair and Make up: Carly Robinson of the Lindy Charm School.
Book sellers: Anna Knight and Tim Hamilton.
Photography: Victoria Bennett.

Big thank you to The Order of Melbourne for providing a wonderful venue, and everyone who came – including Jean, my step-mother, who flew over from Perth for the night. It was fabulous, the largest event I’ve organised and everything went off like a dream. Andrew as MC did such a great job, he had all of us laughing, especially the models! You have to click on the images to see their smiling faces now.

The books are of course, available to purchase from Circa and book stores every where – cost is $50. I’ve had some enquiries from outside of Victoria so tomorrow I’m going to get some postage quotes for other destinations (apologies to those who have emailed, response will be forthcoming).

And now a little contest…one of the dresses in the parade was worn back to front. Can you guess which one? Comment below (you can see the name of each photo if you hover your mouse over it) and a lucky person will receive a copy of Love Vintage, including postage to anywhere in Australia. Entries close COB Saturday (6pm Melbourne time).


  1. What a beautiful selection! The 20s lavender gray with the peek-a-boo cut-out is 2die4~

    I’m torn between 2 of them for the contest, I’m going to go with the 70s Missoni.

  2. I think the 30s ribbon dress – although I can’t think why it should be worn back to front! Fabulous dresses, gorgeous models.

  3. Lovely selection of vintage – I esp love the strapless pink 50’s dress
    For the back to front I am going with the black 70spunkzandra!

  4. methinks the The 50s red floral with the bow was back to front – PS – the fashion show was totally brilliant – well done, and thanks again for a really unique and entertaining night. R

  5. I think it’s the 60s purple lame.

    Really sad that I missed the parade. It looked gorgeous.

  6. Congratulations wonderful stylish woman! I so wish I could have been there, it looks like it was absolutely fabulous (to steal a phrase).

    My guess on the backwards dress is the 50s Red Floral dress as I think that lovely bow belongs on a lovely bottom! But as I made my guess on your livejournal and not here, I’m not the first to choose that one, besides I can afford to buy books now (what a lovely position to be in!). I wonder if it’s correct?

    I am planning on picking up copies when I’m in Melbourne in a few weeks, so don’t worry about me for the international postage question any more, I’ll just replace the heavy books I’m bringing to Australia with your beautiful book on the way home (the second copy I want is for a present as long as she hasn’t already snapped one up!).

  7. A shame I missed this stylish event!

    My guess is the 70s punk Zandra number…

    Congrats on the release of your book – much hard work expressed in a beautifully neat package.


  8. Nicole! WOW! wish I could have made it to your book launch and show. You’ve done a fab job – CONGRATULATIONS!!! so very happy for you

    Now there is a few i’d guess for the competition but I’m going to wing it and go with the 30sribbons dress…


  9. Looks like an absolutely fabulous evening and I’m so glad the book finally got there. I always new it would. I’m disappointed I missed it.

    For the contest I’m torn between 2.
    I’d pick the 70’s punk zandra because there is something really odd about the line – the top is sitting far too high at the front where the boobs are pulling it up it in the middle.
    I’d pick the 50’s red floral, not because the bow is at the front – the 50’s could be kooky – but because I can’t see a zip down the left side where it would commonly be.

    I’ll make up the difference in postage if I’m right ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m probably not….

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