Exhibition at Circa – Echo’s Lost

Wednesday next week, the Melbourne Festival Fringe starts and at Circa, we’ll be hosting an exhibition of art and sculpture in the front window. It will be running for the length of the festival.

Echo’s Lost – Exploring the fragile nature of memory
“Echo’s Lost focuses on the idea of memory and the spaces left behind when the memories fade. Presented in an antique cabinet in the window of Circa Vintage Clothing, Echo’s Lost is a poignant exploration of memory and its inevitable decay.”

What: “Echo’s Lost”, curated by Sayraphim Lothian
When: Wednesday September 23rd to Sunday October 11th (on view 24 hours).
Where: Front window of Circa – 102 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.
Cost: free!

Many works will be displayed by different artists, and I think that some/all/most will be for sale as well. If you’re interested in a particular work, contact information will be on display, and we’ll have information in Circa as well. I hope you can pop by and enjoy!

Echo's Lost

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