Nicole talks about swimwear on The Collectors

Last Friday we had a film crew at Circa to shoot a segment on vintage swimwear for ABC programme The Collectors.

I spoke about my love for vintage, as well as mens and ladies swimsuits from the ’20s to the ’70s. I set up the window for the annual swimwear display (usually it happens when it’s actually summer but allowances needed to be made), and best of all – Candice modelled some of the best pieces from my collection.

Here you can see Candice dressed in an ultra-glamourous strapless ’50s Jantzen style made from ruched lace. She looks the part, doesn’t she?

Photo courtesy SuperKawaiiMama/Candice.

You can see some of the other swimsuits I talked about here – some will be in the shop soon, available for new homes just in time for summer.

You’ll have to wait until it screens on December 4th (8pm on Channel ABC) to see how good Candice looks in them, though.

UPDATE: The ABC has bumped it back a week and the episode will now be screened on December 11th.


  1. She sure looks great and oh how I love vintage swimwear.
    BTW I’ve plugged your new book on my blog. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  2. Congratulations Nicole – the show was great! I hope you have many more visitors to the store as a result. Merry Christmas!

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