Flapper catalogue fashions – Winn’s.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some flapper fashions so here are a couple of pages from a Winn’s catalogue of the 1920s – Winn’s was an Australian department store that produced mail order catalogues for their customers.

This catalogue is from the collection of Geoff Walker, who kindly let me borrow it for the Book. I love the simplicity of the images – and the consistency of the shapes. I hope you like them too.




  1. I wish these cuts still existed today! I was going to say they would be good for my figure – but perhaps the Victorian ‘cover everything unde that massive skirt’ is better for me. Thank you for the pics – I love looking at any old fabric patterns!


  2. About 5 years ago we bought a large quantity of vintage crockery from a fab antique store on the New England Hwy, near Burning Mountain. We were told the crockery came from a department store in Newcastle, Winns, from the cafeteria! Each plate is creme, with a fine black, thick grey and fine yellow border stripe, and a cute Winns logo! Very 1920s. It is lovely to see the fashion illustrations from the store!

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