London Tweed Run

At Circa, we love our tweeds and the stylish chaps who wear them – so for like minded folk, may I present the London Tweed Run, held in a suitably cold English January.

Now why can’t we have wonderful events like this here? Trust the Brits to start something like this. Here are the details taken from the London Fixed-Gear and Single Speed:

Ladies. Gentlemen. Announcing the first LFGSS Winter Dress Club Run: a social ride with a bit of style.

We will be gathering for 2pm in Hanover Square. Please be prompt; at 2, we’ll head down to H Huntsman & Sons, 11 Saville Row to begin the ride. The route will be a fairly leisurely ride through London. No need to pack Kendal Mint Cakes, the ride will include a stop at a tea shop at Tour de Ville for mid-ride fortitude, and will finish at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club for refreshments and cheer.

Proper attire will of course be expected, so dapper gents and elegant ladies, polish off your lugged steel beasts and prepare your best outfits. Suggested attire: woolen plus fours, harris tweed jackets, flat caps, fair isle jumpers, alpaca coats, merino wool team jerseys, cycling skirts and perhaps a jaunty cape for the ladies, cravats or ties for gentlemen, and of course a hip flask of brandy.

Be sure to dress with a bit of panache, there will be prizes awarded.
Tally ho!


  1. It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it? Pity the need to wear helmets would get in the way of suitably glamourous headgear though….and we’d have to be well behaved cyclists and obey the road rules, stopping for red lights and the like.

  2. Damn those helmets! Yes they are a necessary evil, but definitely the enemy of style. Perhaps for an event like this there could be an exemption, and “own stupid fault” rule like they have in the US, where you can choose to opt out of safety precautions and have it marked on your license. I was aghast to see this in action as people went sans helmet even on motor bike!

  3. I heard rumours today of an informal re-enactment of a ladies’ bicycle race 113 years ago through the northern suburbs… the original race was sponsored by MacRobertson’s. I don’t know any more than that other than it’s this weekend (16-17 May ’09) so keep an eye out for a dapper group of ladies!

  4. Livebird, that sounds like such fun!

    If do find out anything more can you please let me know? Google is remaining annoyingly silent on the matter and I’m sure there are others who’d like to know too.

  5. I have scheduled a Lether Saddle Tour (for old bikes, bllokes and sheilas) with my touring club on Sun 19th July. It is not in Melbourne unfortunatley, but more a country tour in the style of the Cyclist’s Special 1955

    We will be doing a 60km tour from Geelong out on the Bellarine peninsula. Any classic cyclists interested in this, riding old bikes and old clothes, contact:

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