[Talk] 1980s Fashion: Some Kind of Wonderful

Hi everyone,

I hope you had an excellent festive season. I had a little time off, which was such a treat. Last night David Astle invited me onto his ABC 774 radio show to talk about fashion crimes, which leads a little into the next presentation topic: fashions of the wonderful and over the top 1980s. If you’re interested in catching up on the episode, it’s online now, listen in at the 1.06 mark for the 14th Feb show.

From the Glen Eira website:

Bright and vibrant or drab and dark?

Shoulder pads as big as dinner plates worn layer-upon-layer and studded hip belts work low over tube skirts. Welcome to what we wore during the 80s.

This decade combined street subcultural fashion with haute couture from London, Paris and Tokyo: from unisex, oversized and one size fits all, to jewel tone tailored ’40s style power suits: the progression mirrored what was happening on the streets and in the boardrooms as women expressed themselves and climbed the career ladder.


What: 1980s fashion, a presentation by Nicole Jenkins.
When: Wednesday, 23rd February 2022, 7pm-8pm
Where: Zoom and your computer
Cost: Free!
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