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Tickets are now available for my next talk in the series at Glen Eira Library: as usual, it’s free, online via Zoom and tickets are limited.

From the website:

The 1960s were a time of great change, in fashion… and in all areas of society.

Gone were the hourglass figures, the structured underwear, the subdued colours, the glamorous but modest styles of the previous decade. Out, also, was the established system of haute couture: the power dynamic was shifting from the elite – to the street.

It was the birth of our modern fashion age: young women were growing up and rejecting their parent’s conservative values, and thanks to the post-war baby boom, they were in numbers too big to ignore. Aided by the new synthetic fabrics which were cheap and colourful, fashions started to change rapidly and reflect younger tastes. Soon there were even disposable dresses, designed just for one wear. Styles and attitudes that are still with us today.

Join author and fashion historian, Nicole Jenkins for a colourful illustrated talk on this most exciting of decades.


What: Ladies fashion of the 1960s, a presentation by Nicole Jenkins.
When: Wednesday, October 13th, 7pm-8pm
Where: Zoom and your computer
Cost: free!
Bookings and more information – click here.

They usually book out, so please don’t leave it too long.

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    Just heard your ABC chat on the radio.
    I have a couple of items from my late Mums wardrobe I couldn’t part with them,because she was a stylish lady, not able to afford a lot back then, but really looked after them. One is a red knitted suit size 8 , silk lined, even the buttons are individually made. Jacket is waist length, skirt is just above the knee. ‘Jackie O’ era. The other is a camel coloured long coat, lined,not sure of what it’s made of, presumably wool, it does require some repair though. Could possibly get you a photo of Mum wearing the suit. Just a thought to text you if you might be interested. Best Regards, Jacquie Wylie. (yes I’m named after Jackie O LOL)

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