[Talk] ‘For a dress like that…..’ 1950s fashion

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I’m presenting a talk for Whitehorse Council, as part of Heritage Week and it’s online and free. The theme for this year’s festival is ‘1950s, the Suburban Dream‘.

From the website:

When Christian Dior released his ‘Corolle’ (New Look) line to a glamour-starved public after World War 2, it signalled a sartorial retreat from the comfortable and elegant modernity women enjoyed before the war, and a return to an elaborate Edwardian artifice of womanhood, complete with full skirts, crinolines, frills and corsetry. Dior’s women were beautiful pastel-coloured flowers and after years of ‘make do and mend’ and rationing, we welcomed it with open arms

Join author and fashion historian, Nicole Jenkins for a slideshow presentation on womenswear in the decade when sophistication, femininity and grown-up glamour reigned and the Melbourne textile manufacturing industry thrived as never before. Style, fabrics and construction details will all be included in this detailed look at fashions during the ‘50s. 

Nicole is the author of books ‘Love Vintage’ and ‘Style is Eternal’ and has been collecting Australian fashion since she was a child. 

What: ‘For a dress like that, you gotta start laying plans at thirteen’, 1950s womens fashions, a presentation by Nicole Jenkins.
When: Wednesday 15th September, 2pm-3pm
Where: Zoom and your computer
Cost: free!
Bookings and more information – click here.

Details of this year’s festival and the other planned events can be seen here.

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