Pop-up Shop!

Hopefully you’ll come and visit Circa’s pop-up shop at Southland Westfield shopping centre during the month of May – and if you do, here’s a preview, or if you can’t make it, here’s what you’re missing out on.

Firstly – here’s the shop. You’ll find us on the Retail Bridge, next to the Style Lounge, Metalicus, Strand Bags, Mocha and the Coffee Emporium.

That’s an early shot, soon after we set up – you’ll be pleased to know that the mannequins (who bear a striking resemblance to Scarlet Johansson) now have wigs (although I rather like them bald headed as well).

Meet Becky and Hannah….my new glamourous assistants, who are here to help you choose your new vintage fashions and accessories.

You can pick up a copy of my book “Love Vintage” (they’re selling like hot cakes, I seriously think the print run will sell out at Southland so if you haven’t got your copy, come and see us soon).

Yesterday I met Suzi from “For the Love of Audrey” blog – she looks great in this fabulous ’60s French couture mod frock. Of course, I’d like her to come back and add it to her wardrobe because it’s a good, especially with her new hairstyle. Love the fringe, Suzi!

And here are some more shots of the shop and the beautiful fashions we’ve brought to show you!

Vintage jewellery – great for Mother’s Day presents this Sunday.

Hope to see you soon! Circa at Southland – for a limited time only.


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog while looking for vintage 50s party frocks in Melbourne and I’m so glad I did. I’ll be at Southland on Monday so will be sure to stop by and say hi. Love the blog and your dedication to vintage fashion. And I’ll be planning a day trip to Fitzroy someday soon for some serious vintage frock appreciation. 🙂

  2. My wonderful husband gave me the fabulous red 60’s mod frock as modelled by Suzi above for my birthday. I’m normally more of a 50’s gal but I LOVE it. I also got a copy of Love Vintage! I’ve trained him well.

  3. Congrats Julie – it’s an amazing dress, I was so tempted to keep that one in my collection but I’m sure you’ll wear it to great effect. Enjoy my book too! Nice husband to have, with great taste 🙂

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