Art of Elegance Fair, Maryborough – and a contest

In all the busy-ness and excitement, I’ve forgotten to tell you about the next Art of Elegance Fair at Marborough – and they’ve kindly offered two free tickets for a contest. I’ve heard good things about it, and Maryborough is a lovely town, just in case you need another reason to consider a visit.

What: Art of Elegance Fair
When: 11am-4pm, Sunday 13th May
Where: Maryborough Town Hall, Maryborough
More information available at the blog.

Now, if you’d like to win the two tickets, just leave a comment below mentioning your favourite cake.


  1. Upside down pear & ginger cake – my favourite cake has a recipe I pursued for years – I used to have it at a local cafe, tried so hard to replicate the recipe but didn’t quite get it right until one day a friend who knew how much I loved it who had a contact at the cafe sneakily copied the recipe for me. Now it is a carefully guarded secret recipe amongst my family. Mmmm!

  2. My goodness, do I have to mention just ONE favourite cake? What if I like all cakes equally? Especially if they look gorgeous on a china cake stand and come in mini size with a hot pot of tea.

  3. Probably the most amazing cake that I have had so far was the Mont Blanc Marron Cassis (Chestnut cream and Blackcurrant compote with cream and chocolate topped with a meringue)at Laduree in Paris however my favourite cake has to be the one my foodie hubby makes each year for me – baked raspberry cheesecake – because it not only tastes great and looks gorgeous but it comes with a great big serving of love. Corny but true!

  4. Carli, more than one cake is fine and much better than teasing us with the idea of lots of small and perfectly lovely cakes with hot tea!

  5. Cinda, I love the sound of the upside down pear and ginger cake: two of my favourite ingredients. Then again, I also love raspberries and baked cheesecake – and the Mont Blanc is giving me another reason to miss Paris.

  6. Thank you Nicole, it was a lovely event, a chilly day, but we made it fun and it looked beautiful. Just recovering, LOL.

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