Mission 65 Fashion – Prahran Mission fundraiser

What: Mission 65 Fashion parade and silent auction
When: 7pm Wednesday June 1st
Where: Red Bennies, 373 Chapel Street, Prahran
Cost: $30, or $20 concession

To celebrate 65 years of community support, Prahran Mission and the Whitehouse School of Fashion have organised this fundraiser, to raise funds for the Mission..

A group of Melbourne designers and design students are reinventing Dior’s New Look fashion style, using only second hand garments donated to the Prahran Mission Op Shops. These will then be paraded and sold off during a silent auction to raise money for the worthy cause.

Candice deVille is one of the designers taking part and I have to tell you, I was beside myself with envy when she told me about this event! In fact, I had trouble sleeping, my head was so full of ideas of how you could interpret Dior’s 1947 fashion using modern clothing. So many possibilities!

If, like me, you’re feeling really inspired – you can come along to the event in your best 1940s and will be eligible for The Best Dressed prize, worth $550. I look forward to seeing what the designers have come up with for us too – the evening will be hosted by Jenny Bannister and Philip Boon, the team behind Fashion Torque.

Click on the flyer to bring up in full size.

More information at the official website. Full list of contributing designers can be seen here.


  1. truly inspired! i cant wait to see this & the graceful Candice DeVille’s creation. When i think back to the 40’s its that inspiration & inventive designs that were born of a time where you used what you had, so this is brilliant! Thank you for posting about it xx

  2. Oooh best dress prize you say!? I will have to raid my closest (shame I don’t have enough HATS).

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