Attention all Sarahs! A contest just for you.

Yesterday a nice chap rang me up and asked me to send him a copy of my book Love Vintage, as a present for someone. I offered to write the young lady’s name in it and I did – except that I wrote the wrong name!

So now I have a brand new, shiny copy of Love Vintage with a dedication to Sarah – and no Sarah to give it to! What could I do but try to find the real Sarah?

Leave me a comment telling me why you are the real Sarah and why you should receive this book – this contest is open to all Sarahs resident in Australia. Sarah needs to be your real name (sorry) and I’d also like to apologise for everyone who’s name I didn’t happen to write in this book. Better luck next time – I write a lot of names in books so next time it might be yours.

Entries close next Thursday.


  1. I may not be Sarah, buy my little lamb of a friend Miss Sarah White is making a trip to Melbourne to visit from our childhood town of Brisbane in a couple of weeks, and I would love to give her the book as an ‘i miss and love you’ gift! I can bring a mugshot of her and our highschool yearbook as proof of identity!

  2. I have a friend by the name of Sarah, who has just given birth to her first baby. She loves and lives by vintage clothing and your book would be a lovely gift to her.

  3. I’m not a Sarah but I just wanted to say what a lovely outcome for a Sarah. May the few mistakes you do make Nicole have as nice an outcome as this. 😉 Leisa

  4. Hello! Well, being that I’m Circa’s original, and still possibly only, actual Sarah, I hope I’m in with a chance…and if that amazing black beaded 20s dress (remember the one with the Egyptian motifs of Gary’s that I fell head over heels in love with? I still talk about that dress, even now. I also still talk about the Turkish shorts set that Rachel and I found while we were sorting through the initial stock, but in differently hushed tones) made it into the book I’m also prepared to do a little dance! It looks like an amazing book, and I can’t afford it because I’ve forsworn full time employment in order to work as a rigger on a tall ship, which is still definitely vintage, but not at all as glamorous.

  5. A Sarah! That’s me! I am a collector of very special vintage, I have dresses I have bought from you years ago that I love and cherish. I have been meaning to buy your book for some time. It would take top of the pile at my studio and help me ever so much with my work and day to day love of vintage. Thanks Nicole.

  6. I am Sarah! Princess by name princess and by nature. I have had to endure this plain jane name while dreaming of Ingrid’s , Claudette, Jades, Hazels and all the other fabulous names.
    I can never every find a log in or email address as the litany of Sarah’s have used every available combination.
    Finally a chance for it to bring me some lady luck!

  7. When my mother was pregnant with me, she continued to hear the song, ‘A little ray of sunshine’, and she knew I was going to be a girl. Having told everyone that if they had a girl they would name her Sarah, the moment I popped out, Dad wanted to call me Louise. No, said Mum, we told everyone it would be Sarah!

    I have gone through my whole life with a name that is ridiculously common and have always wanted to switch my names to be Louise Sarah (Louise is a whole other story, always a middle name and never a first, kind of like always the bridesmaid, never the bride), until now.

    A competition JUST for Sarahs? Finally, my vintage name is coming into its own!! Thanks for holding this competition, if for no other reason than to hear a group of Sarahs lay claim as to why we are unique and special even when we share such a common name.


  8. I love that you’re running a special contest just for Sarahs. I was once used in a scavenger hunt to fulfill the Sarah requirement but it didn’t feel half as lovely as this! Having said that, I read the previous comments and vote for the book to go to Sarah Graves who will definitely need some glamour as she disembarks from the tall ship.

  9. As a Sarah, I have never felt particularly special until this moment. All through my school years my name had to have the addition of S (last name initial) just so fellow students and teachers could identity which Sarah I was, from the hoard in my school.
    My name was actually chosen from the 1969 novel French Lieutenant’s Woman – a sad and lonely figure. Thankfully the name is the only resemblance I have to this character.
    Thanks Nicole for making me feel so special!!

  10. I’m so surprised that so many Sarah’s felt their name was common. Oh it’s a lovely name (I mentioned earlier I named my daughter Sarah). I guess ever generation has their top 10 names. All the best to all the Sarah’s who have entered, and if by chance you’re ever mistakenly sign for Lorri, I’m in with a chance 🙂

  11. Having read all the previous posts it seems every Sarah deserves a book ;p

    I’m only just developing my vintage love, even though I’ve always been attracted to the beauty and glamour of it.

    Being a full-time mum to a rambunctious toddler often means glamour gives way to pragmatism (and Asian sensibilities!) I’d love to own the book, if only to further my education and budding crush on vintage fashion!

  12. My name is Sarah and I have been in Australia for just over a year now with my new husband and we have been so skint that we had to live with my mother-in-law for the first year of our marriage!

    Finally we are getting on our feet, are looking for a home of our own to rent, and I decided that it was time to treat myself to a book that I saw in Paddington Antique market, QLD months ago whilst killing time during a lunch hour.

    I put the book, Love Vintage, on my wishlist on weeks ago but it’s still not available! Tonight I looked for other places to buy it, found your website and discovered that you have a book with my name already in it, just waiting to be given a good home! I call that serendipity!

  13. I too am Sarah,
    Several nights ago I had a totally convincing dream that I won $45 million on Lotto. So I bought a ticket (because I believe that helps)and … not one single number I chose came up. Then, I thought maybe it is this book I am destined to win as I am Sarah and there are apparently 45 million of us. But, having read the last post, I really think you should give it to Sarah who is so broke she has to live with her mother-in-law. I suspect she’s earned it She should probably buy a lotto ticket too!

  14. In response to Sarah Baker’s post:

    You’re very kind Sarah B! However, my husband won’t allow me to buy lotto tickets as he calls it an “idiot tax”!! I occasionally buy a sneaky one but have never won anything so maybe he has a point?!

    I would like to point out that all the Sarah’s I’ve ever met have been absolutely lovely – Good luck to you all! (although I do think that living with my mother in law for so long warrants a prize!!)

  15. It’s so lovely hearing from all these Sarahs and all their reactions to their name. I always despaired of my name – there were 5 Sarahs in my class at school and we all got saddled with initials to distinguish us, and like many of you guys I dreamed of being called something poetic and romantic (and not meaning “princess”!). As Sarah Kempson said, it’s so nice to finally have some sort of positive outcome for those of us with such a common name. Maybe we should start a support group (and Sarah K., my sister’s name is Louise!).:) And thanks, Sarah Robins – working on a tall ship isn’t half as glamorous as working in a vintage clothing shop surrounded by beautiful silks and velvets was, and I come home most days covered in tar, but old things are so beautiful and full of the life history gives them, and the love invested in them, so it’s in many ways suprisingly similar.:)

  16. Hello Nicole,
    My name just so happens to be Sarah..
    it’s a pitty about the timing of this competiton,
    for i was given your lovely book for my 21st Birthday last week.
    It’s is so lovely!

    How i wish to go back in time!

  17. Hi Nicole,

    I am a genuine Sarah and I have an appreciation of all things vintage! My sister and I go every 6 months without fail to the love vintage fair at Canterbury race course. I only just managed to make it to the most recent fair in October as I had flown in from London the day before. Heavily jet lagged I still enjoyed your talk very much on how to care for my vintage garments and the print out you handed out will be a great help for many years to come.

    I would have loved to have bought a copy of your book and had it signed by you, however I was out of money. My atm card was scammed on my holiday and I borrowed the $12 for the entry fee off my mother.

    Thanks for the fun competition!

  18. Dearest Nicole,

    How’s does one define if they are the real Sarah? Aren’t all Sarah’s just variations of the name: Sara, Sar bear, Sarie, Sass, Sassy, Sez, Sezza, Sezza Bezza and on the odd occasion Haras? But no matter which way it’s been changed I’ve always been happy to be titled with a name that not only means princess but also means lady and to me vintage is all about going back to the days when a lady was a lady.

    There’s also one other reason why I’m proud to stand up and say “my name is Sarah” and that reason is a band called Jefferson Starship. The song came out a year after I was born and my dad use to sing it to me when I was little. Whenever I hear the start come on the radio there’s always that moment when I feel like the most special person in the world! And really they couldn’t have said it better….

    Sarah, Sarah, storms are brewing in your eyes, Sarah, Sarah, no time is a good time for goodbyes Danger, in the game when the stakes are high, branded, my heart was branded while my senses stood by, I’ll never find another girl like you, for happy endings it takes two, with fire and ice, a dream won’t come true.

    So in tribute to this competition I would like to change the song to “I’ll never find another book like this, for happy it endings it takes two, with vintage and love, my dreams will come true…”

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