Silent Film Festival and the 1920s fashions from the Darnell Collection

Now on in Sydney, the Australian Silent Film Festival has a number of interesting associated events including a presentation by Charlotte Smith, curator of the Darnell Collection and author of “Dreaming of Dior” (HarperCollins Australia).

Silent films have played a significant part in the evolution and development of fashion, and it is therefore very appropriate to include this special session in our journey back in time through the silent film medium.

Some of the best-known fashion icons of the silent era who inspired woman to wear the same style of clothes, accessories, hairstyle and make-up are Gloria Swanson, Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo and Dita Parlo, to name a few. While Gloria Swanson oozed sensual Hollywood glamour, especially in Cecil B DeMille productions such as Male and Female and The Affairs of Anatol, Louise Brooks conveyed the playfully naughty ‘flapper’ image of the Twenties’ Jazz Age in silent classics such as Pandora’s Box..

What: Fashion 1920s – Presented by Charlotte Smith
Where: Wesley Conference Centre, 220 Pitt Street Sydney
When: 3pm to 4pm, Saturday 25th September
Cost: $10 adult, $5 concession and children
Bookings: phone 0419 267 318

Charlotte’s presentation will be followed by a screening of “Chicago” (Cecil B. DeMille 1927) with live music accompaniment, cost $20 or $15 concession.

More information at the Silent Film Festival website.

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