Miss Pin Up Australia – Victoria heat

One of my nicer tasks was last Friday night: judging the Victorian heat of the Miss Pin Up Australia contest.

Congratulations to all the entrants – ladies, you’re all winners to get up on stage at the Order of Melbourne and perform in the talent section and four style categories: day wear, evening wear, swimwear and lingerie under hot lights and a (sometimes very) enthusiastic audience. It couldn’t have been easy, but you all did fabulously!

The winners in each category – who will now go onto the national finals in January – are:
– Miss Perfect Pin Up – Miss Bailey Hart.
– Miss Illustrated Pin Up – Miss Lux St Sin.
– Miss Va Va Voom – Miss Beckie Jo.
– Miss Classic Pin Up – Miss Strawberry Doll.

My own special mentions go out to:
– Miss Cherry Heart for being clever enough to spot the judge taking pics and posing just for me : )
– Miss Redheaded Bettie for sewing all her own pin up wardrobe! Some of those outfits weren’t easy, so from one seamstress to another, you got extra points from me.
– Miss Lux St Sin who in her burlesque waitress performance handed my hubby Tim a lipsticked kiss on an order. Cheeky!
– Miss Beccy Bel Air who rustled together five outfits and a talent performance at only two hours notice! What a trouper.
– Miss Katie Cupcake who cornered the market with her cutesy ditz cheesecake – loved all the poses.

Now the images can say the rest – enjoy!
As always, click on each image to see in full: I didn’t really chop off their heads…

Big thank yous to everyone, especially the wonderful Miss Pixie for making everything happen. Ladies, to those who are going on to the finals – I’m sure you’ll do us all proud – best of luck!


  1. I so wish I could have made it to Miss Pin-up Australia however the dreaded flu hit me that week, but I loved your photo’s, thank-you. I also have a big thanks to Miss Katie Cup Cake who has volenteered her time to model in a vintage fashion parade at a ‘girls night in” fundraiser for the Missabitatatitty Committee.

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