[Exhibition] ’til you drop: shopping, a Melbourne history.

I keep meaning to tell you about this exhibition that’s currently on, and just as much, I keep meaning to go and see when I have a bit of spare time.

The exhibition celebrates how and why Melburnians love to shop, with a special focus on fashion, food and the home. It reveals the indulgent side of shopping – the exclusive stores, luxury goods and seductive advertisements that feed our addiction to pleasure and style. It also acknowledges the downsides of shopping: crime, consumerism and pollution.

What: ’til you drop, an exhibition of Melbourne shopping history
When: Dec 11th 2009 to Oct 31st 2010 from 10am to 5pm.
Where: Keith Murdoch Gallery, State Library of Victoria, cnr Swanston and Latrobe Streets Melbourne
Cost: free

Highlights include:
– superbly illustrated fashion catalogues from Foy & Gibson
– original design sketches of 1920s flapper fashions for Manton’s department store
– a short film that explores contemporary Melbourne’s hottest shopping spots – from young designers and hidden arcades to favourite stores and markets

More information at the website.

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