Coming soon: Circa Emporium online

My biggest current project is to set up an online shop for Circa, so that our many customers outside of Melbourne can peruse the racks at their leisure, as well as locals who may not find the time to visit.

As well, it will allow me to present items that Circa does not currently stock – in particular: childrenswear, vintage fabrics, haberdashery, patterns, linens and manchester, and the more modern eras of clothing like the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Some of these occasionally sneak into Circa but really, they deserve a proper home where I can offer you a range of sizes, colours, fabrics and styles.

This morning I took some rough images of some childrenswear for a UK fashion forecasting website. They aren’t the best but I thought that you might like to see them, to get a bit of an idea of the sort of garments that soon should be available online for you – these are all from the 1950s (you can mouse over them for the full title and description) and with the exception of the shirt and pinafore, are all home-made and in excellent condition.

I hope to be able to launch the Circa online Emporium in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


  1. Oh I hope your search for a good site is going well 😀 I can’t wait til you have your shop up online!

  2. I’m very happy to hear about your plans for an online shop. If it’s a gorgeous as your Melbourne shop looks, you’ll be a massive success.

    Wishing you all the very best for the new website. 🙂

  3. These girl’s clothes look lovely. I particularly love that smocked dress, how divine is that?! I have a six year old girl who is now very interested in fashion (after spending the first 5 years of her life in mainly boy’s clothes!). Can’t wait to start buying some vintage for her (as vintage girl’s clothes are very very difficult to find).
    All the best! It is going to be wonderful.

  4. yayayayayay!! i can’t wait for your online store, as a Sydney born and raised girl, I dream of your vintage wares, particulary those goregous tweeds…

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