Coodabeen Champions and other media appearances.

Since the book has come out, I’ve been doing a bit of writerly publicity – there are a few magazine articles still to come out, an appearance on Deborah Cameron’s ABC radio show in Sydney and a nice big article in the Age by James Cockington (I’ll post it when I get around to scanning it, so that you can see the photos too, but you can read it online here).

Recently I got to go on national ABC Radio for the Coodabeen Champions. Tim has edited the segment down to the 13 minutes we chat about the book and vintage. Click on the link below – be warned, it starts to play right away!

Nicole on the Coodabeen Champions.

There was also a mention of the book in a reading guide included in the Sydney Morning Herald and another mention in the latest Qantas inflight magazine. Also: lots of blogs (which is especially wonderful)!

As well – look out for the Collectors segment on vintage swimwear this Friday at 8pm. The episode guide is already up on the ABC website – if you look very carefully you can see a tiny image of me in my wisteria-print dressing gown, admiring shop mannequin Clark in his shiny ’40s bathing trunks. Can’t wait to see Candice parading the women’s swimwear.

From the website:
Nicole Jenkins literally parades her collection of vintage and retro swimwear, with familiar names like Jantzen and Speedo going back to the 40s. The ladies’ one-piece cossies from the 50s make for a very attractive tableau.

It will be repeated on Monday evening, and available for download from the website after it screens.


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