Pics – Sydney Vintage Fair – Love Vintage book launch (at last)

We spent two days and one evening at the Sydney Vintage Clothing Fair. The official launch was on the Friday night – usually I like to come for the evening and then fly back to Melbourne so that I’m in the shop for Saturday trading at Circa but this time not only did I stay the whole weekend but so did Tim, Victoria and Candice. It was a bit like travelling en famille…en vintage famille.

The pictures tell the story – some highlights;
– lucky me got to wear two fabulous hats (the leopard print is by Schiaparelli).
…and three frocks (the floral one you can’t see here, but you’ll see it when I talk about swimwear on The Collectors, December 4th).
– Tim and Victoria got to quaff sparkling wine in celebration. I put my glass down…somewhere….
– Charlotte Smith gave two talks about the Darnell Collection, in particular the items that are included in Love Vintage. Charlotte has her own book coming out next week about the DC, I’ll post about that soon.
– Spending time with the wonderful ladies of the Lindy Charm School! They’re hosting another Melbourne workshop next month, must post about that too.
– I bought some great stock for Circa including lots of mens suits, cravats, a tie lined with an image of a scantily clad lady, party frocks, purses, handbags and waistcoats.
– Delivered perhaps the only ’20s Chanel that I’ll ever get my mitts on – to a very happy (and deserving) new owner.
– Tim entered Friday night’s best dressed competition, and the Lindy Charm ladies kindly said he should have won.
– Candice and Heather won Saturday’s best dressed competition!
– What a wonderful fair, with so many best dressed competitions…
– I didn’t win any best dressed competitions, but I did get to launch my book – and meet lots of lovely people and chat about our vintage lives. It’s an event I’ll never forget…a highlight of my life.


  1. Thank you Louise – I can’t help noticing how perfect my book is for your blog! It’s great that you were there for the launch too (I chickened out on a proper talk at the Melb launch, and only said a few words).

    I’m glad you like it and hope you find it very useful. Come and see me at Circa next time you’re in Melbourne!

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