Sydney Tweed Run

A lovely reader wrote about the Sydney Tweed Run that was held a couple of weeks ago.

You may recall my post about the London Tweed Run and how it was a pity that we didn’t do something like that here – well, our Northern cousins have beat us to it, and you can see by the pics that the turnout in Sydney was nothing short of impressive. I was also pleased to see large numbers of ladies attending, at least one of whom looks to be wearing a corset!

I hope they don’t mind, but I’ve borrowed these images from Flickr’s pool and in lieu of individual crediting, each file name declares it’s source.

We can’t be shown up like this – someone needs to organise a similar event in Melbourne! In the meantime, Pete left this comment on the London Tweed Run post:

I have scheduled a Lether Saddle Tour (for old bikes, blokes and sheilas) with my touring club on Sun 19th July. It is not in Melbourne unfortunately, but more a country tour in the style of the Cyclist’s Special 1955.

We will be doing a 60km tour from Geelong out on the Bellarine peninsula. Any classic cyclists interested in this, riding old bikes and old clothes, contact:


  1. Was a fantastic day out and oh so stylish!

    Word of advice though if your planning to wear a metal boned corset (as I did) make sure it’s not too tight or going up even slight hills is quite hard! Was well worth it though to fit in with the fashion of the day.

    Have fun organising a Tweed Ride for Melbourne.

  2. you guys will have to use magic to be half as fun. We really did have a great time.

    Everyone looked fantastic and the vibe was SLOW n EASY.

    Sweep was not a breeze but it was fun.

  3. A Tweed Ride for Melbourne?? Fab idea! Organise one and I’m there – I’ll add it to my blog and get lots of vintage lovers involved Good Work, keep it up please!

  4. was the 60km run held in geelong for 2009 or 2010? I would love to glam up for tweed run here in melbourne. however would be happy to do it anywhere. please keep me posted!

  5. Hi guys,

    We’re promoting The Sydney Tweed Ride 2011! (Yep it’s this Sunday 31st of July) and were wondering if you could update your community of the event? It will be a delightful affair. Hope to see you there?

    A Marvelous Outing – The Sydney Tweed Ride

    The Third Annual Sydney Tweed Ride that departs Sydney Town Hall at 9am on Sunday July 31 is almost upon us!

    It’s an awfully fun affair – Not pompous, just jolly!

    Would you do me the favour of attending the event?

    We don’t want any nonsense excuses. If you have nothing to wear – never fear! The Tweed Outfitter will be stationed at MC Cyclery’s city store to doll you out in style.

    Oh… and afterwards there will be picnic, Tweed games and a delightful fashion event.

    Fancy That!



    Time: 8am registration for a 9am ride.

    Cost: Free

    The Pop-Up Tweed Outfitter: 230 Clarence St, Sydney

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