Holiday Hours

Here are our hours for the holiday season – we’ll be closing for a short while so that I can finish the book that I’m writing and Victoria and Anna can go to the beach.

Sunday 21st Dec – 12pm to 4pm.
Monday 22nd Dec – 12pm to 4pm.
Tuesday 23rd Dec – 11am to 6pm.
Wednesday 24th Dec – 11am to 6pm.
Thursday 25th Dec – Closed.
Friday 26th Dec – Closed.
Saturday 27th Dec – 11am to 6pm.
Sunday 28th Dec – Closed.
Monday 29th Dec – Closed.
Tuesday 30th Dec – 11am to 6pm.
Wednesday 31st Dec – 11am to 6pm.

Thursday 1st Jan – Monday 19th Jan – Closed for holidays.

Reopen as usual Tuesday 20th Jan – 11am – 6pm, whereupon normal hours will resume.

Enjoy the festive season, everyone – and take care. If you get the chance, The Golden Age of Couture is now on at the Bendigo Art Gallery. I’ll be popping up there as soon as I can.

all the best,

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