Vintage Fair: Williamstown Nov 08

Last Saturday morning in the rain I went to the latest Melbourne Vintage Clothing Fair, held at Williamstown Town Hall. My very glamourous date for the event was Super Kawaii Mama (you can read her post about the fair here).

There were lots of wonderful people to see, and lots of great vintage to be bought – it was especially nice to see lots of good menswear. Usually the chaps miss out a bit at these events – perhaps unfortunately for them I got a bit carried away and came home with nineteen nice suits (from the ’50s to the ’70s), about fifteen cravats, half a dozen mens scarves and a nice floral dress for me to wear in summer. Most of the suits are small sizes and a few even have their original waistcoat. Once they’ve been cleaned/drycleaned and mended, they should be in the shop because we’re always in need of these nice things.

I really enjoyed this fair, and was even tempted to go back on the Sunday. There were a good assortment of traders, mostly dealing in the older and better vintage and prices varied from sensational (I’m regretting not picking up the silk floral 1930s dressing gown that was a bargain $20) to optimistic: which is as it should be. It was also nice to see many of Circa’s customers there too. If you were there, I hope you found some good buys!

Rumour has it that the Way We Wear Fair is planning monthly vintage markets in Fitzroy – I await further news and will let you know as soon as it’s available.

Here some pics – look out for Kristie Montagu of the Treasure Hunter’s Guide and Super Kawaii Mama, easy to spot in her vintage rose print dress from Shag (you can see Peter Jago in the background if you look closely).

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