Happy Fourth Birthday Circa!

Four years ago today, Circa was born – here’s a photo of Tim and I on the night, yes I look (and felt) totally exhausted!

About an hour or so before this photo was taken, I was driving up Gertrude, enroute to the shop and thinking about everything that had happened to bring it all together: I was happy fit to bursting! Opening a shop is just the beginning of the journey – at that stage I had no idea if anyone would like my collection of pieces that I had brought from all around Australia over a period of over 25 years.

Fortunately, lots of you did – and do – like the things that I’ve collected – and continue to collect. A lot has changed since the beginning, but with your help we’ll continue to grow and flourish.

Here’s the most recent pic of Tim and I: at the NGV Deco opening, a beautiful car in the background instead of an embryo shop – my outfit has progressed from 1920s to 1930s but my darling Tim, are you wearing the same Anton’s jacket?! I think we need to get you into more vintage.


  1. congratulations! as soon as I’ve stopped saving for a holiday i plan on popping by and snapping up something lovely and vintage from you!

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