Art Deco fashion parade at the Sofitel

On Saturday August 2nd, Circa participated in an Art Deco fashion parade organised by Chris Horne, for the National Gallery of Victoria as part of their Art Deco exhibition. High Tea was held at Sofi’s, and quickly sold out – before we knew that we would be involved – otherwise I would have invited you all!

Here are some shots from the day – there were over thirty outfits in total, all are original to the period 1910 to 1939. The first seven outfits (one for each model) were the last ones out, and all are from the late 1930s. All garments and accessories are from the private collection of Chris Horne, my own or from Circa. More pics will be posted as they’re available!

Many thanks to Chris, for allowing us to be a part of this amazing event, and Doug Cloud for the photography. Click on each one to see the photo in full.


  1. Nicole, those are absolutely stunning outfits, photos, and models! It is so nice to see the drape and flow of so many 30s gowns! Congratulations!

  2. So, so, so gorgeous! Clothes and models. That silky white one with the artic fox is just what every girl must dream of…and what is the lovely one with the bronze colour? And the black 30s(?) worn over the green slip!

  3. Glad you like them! Inger, would it be wrong of me to mention that the black lace and chiffon over the green petticoat will be coming into Circa soon?

  4. Wrong…but so right at the same time! I’ll have to ask you more about it when it comes to Circa.

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