Photography: 1930s ladieswear.

We’re now in the final stage of photography for the book – a series of garments from the private collections of Circa and Dr Lynn Savery. We’re doing it one era at a time – last night was the 1920s but you’ve already seen lots of those, so here are some snapshots from our 1930-1939 shoot.

30s french couture gown
The gown in the forefront was featured at the recent NGV Art Deco launch.

30s floral halter neck gown

30s floral crepe frock

30s nightgown

Lynn’s nightgown

30s petticoat

30s pink green frock

30s red velvet gown

30s honeymoon stripes

30s teagown

30s wedding gown

30s burgundy silk gown

Tomorrow we’re onto the World War 2 era: 1939-1946:
40s clothes rack

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