A Wedding.

Last Monday I got married!

Here’s a pic of Tim Hamilton and I at the Melbourne Registry Office, during the ceremony:

Tim and I with his parents, Neil and Carol Hamilton, in the Treasury Gardens:
Hamilton parents

Tim and I with my father and step-mother, Brian and Jean Jenkins:
Jenkins parents

The Bride wore a beaded silk crepe gown from the 1930s, set off with diamante dress clips from the era and her late mother’s silver locket. The Groom is in head to toe Anton’s – many thanks to Anton and Co for whipping up the matching silk waistcoat in only three days!

Afterwards, we were joined by family and friends for champagne and canapes at Fitzroy’s Polly. The following day we headed off for a short honeymoon in Queenscliff – all too brief, sadly! I was back in the shop on Saturday and getting ready for Christmas. Why did we choose this crazy time of year to get hitched? A novel way of celebrating the seventh anniversary of a most memorable kiss.


  1. Absolutely delightful darling. I’ve not been around these online parts much lately, but I chose the perfect time to sneak a quick peek I see!

    Wishing you both the most wonderful and love filled future together xoxoxo

  2. Hello, Mrs. Hamilton! You and Tim look smashing. Love your vintage dress. Best wishes to both of you for a long and happy life.

  3. I wish I wish I wish I could have been there – yay for both of you.
    (A small part of me still thinks this is an elaborate setup to stir me, but I’ll be good and accept that the pretty photos mean it was for real).

  4. My dear lady Gillian – I appreciate your reticence (and your good wishes) and hope to allay any doubts you may have by pointing to the presence of our parents in the photos above: good people such as these would not participate in practical jokes, as amusing as they may be!

  5. Warmest congratulations! That dress is divine, and both bride, groom and the entire party look fabulous.

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