Vintage 101

A series of posts that tackle assorted issues of vintage clothing care, identification and restoration.

- 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games souvenir dress by Leroy with Alcorso hand print.
- A Brief History of the Mary Jane shoe.
- A short history of vintage stockings and pantyhose.
- Antique Lace.
- Beaded cardigans of the ’50s and ’60s.
- Buying vintage at auction.
- Dry cleaning your vintage textiles.
- Fabric deterioration – Dry Rot.
- Fabric deterioration – Iron Mordant.
- Fabric deterioration – Shattering Silk.
- Fabric deterioration – Sun damage.
- Fashion in half-mourning.
- How to dress 1950s Pin Up style.
- Identifying an updated 1920s dress.
- I’m going to a 1920s party.
- Laundering vintage gloves.
- Laundering vintage scarves.
- Len Vogue Melbourne.
- Looking for clues in fashion labels.
- Madame Weigel and her fashion journal and sewing pattern service.
- Noeleen King – Melbourne fashion label.
- Raoul Couture Melb.
- Reconstructing a 1920s beaded dress.
- Reconstructing a 1950s coat dress.
- Restoring a 1920s sequinned dress
- Restoring an early 1940s American evening gown
- Rope petticoats and crinolines.
- Sharene Creations – Melbourne fashion label.
- Sharpies and ’70s fashion.
- Test your vintage knowledge by dating sewing patterns.
- The dreaded clothes moth.
- The House of Merivale.
- Tweed identification.
- Vintage fabric dyeing.
- Vintage is not for everyone.
- Watch out for Devil Dust.


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