[Talk] House of Merivale

Hi all,

One of my most popular recent talks was the House of Merivale, presented last year for the Glen Eira Libraries. It’s a label I’m very fond of so I wanted to delve deeper into it and so will be speaking next week for the Textiles and Fashion Research Group seminar series. It’s the first lecture of the year, and free, online via Zoom.


  • What:  Modern clothes with a zest for life: the seduction of a generation by the House of Merivale, a presentation by Nicole Jenkins
  • Where: online, via your computer and Zoom
  • When: Wednesday 6th March, 2024, 5.30pm
  • Cost: free!
  • Bookings essential: Email the organiser for a Zoom link. Numbers limited.
  • More information: see flyer below


  1. I purchased a black jump suit from the house of marivale in 1979 with lots of brass coloured zips for a bit more than my weekly wage which was actually the reason for my research and coming across this forum. I gave it away to a friend a couple of years later who was quite surprised an greatfull for me doing so. I didn’t know why he was so greafull after all in my mind it was used. I whish i had it now along with a lot of other high quality items i either through out or donated to the opportunity Shop. I wasn’t aware of the significance of the brand at the time. I have always been a keen dresser and I still appreciate good quality clothes which is main reason I became a sharpie. I buy high quality and buy up big whenever travelling overseas also having tailored suits, shirts etc.

  2. I wish you still had it too, Mick – but if it went to the op shop, it may still be out there, having a good time on someone else.

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