[Talk] Art for Art’s Sake: Aesthetic Dress and Liberty

Hi all,

Very excited about a new talk I have coming up for the Johnston Collection and the Paypal Melbourne Fashion Festival, all about the wonderful artistic dress as pioneered by London department store Liberty in the late 19th century. From the website:

When the Victorian Aestheticism movement – which valued sensuality over practicality – was adopted up by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in his West End department store in the 1880s, it resulted in the perfect combination of beauty, high quality, and exoticism.

The new costume department featured embellished and printed silks and velvets to rival Paris, but the gowns were in Pre-Raphaelite styles inspired by the Middle Ages and were significantly less restrictive than the corseted fashion of the day.


  • What: ART FOR ART’S SAKE: Aesthetic dress at Liberty & Co with Nicole Jenkins
  • Where: The Johnston Collection, East Melbourne.
  • When: Friday 3rd March, 2023 10:00am-11.30am
  • Cost: $18-20
  • Bookings essential: Click here. Seats very limited.
  • More information: at the Johnston Collection site.

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