[Talk] Dior: the golden age of haute couture

Hi everyone,

My new talk for Glen Eira is on next week and tickets are now open – it will be available online at the time and for 14 days afterwards.

From the Glen Eira website:

In 1947, Christian Dior launched a fashion house and created a revolution.

‘The New Look’ scandalised and excited women like no other style. Dior’s cinched and corseted waists, heavy with frou-frou, full skirts and petticoats harked back to an older idea of femininity, but it was a delicious dish served to women deprived of nice things by the war and rationing.

The Dior years ushered in a time of elegance and grown-up glamour: of Hollywood and haute couture. Join author and fashion historian Nicole Jenkins for an illustrated look at the life and designs of this most significant 20th-century designer.


What: Dior: the golden age of haute couture – an online presentation by Nicole Jenkins.
When: Monday, 27 June 2022, 7pm-8pm
Where: Zoom via your computer.
Cost: Free!
Bookings essential for online attendance: click here.

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