[Talk] Australian modernist dress of the ‘60s and ‘70s

Hi everyone,

I have a new talk coming up next month for The Johnston Collection and the Melbourne Fashion Festival.

Here’s the summary:

Australian wardrobes took an exciting turn when Prue Acton set up in Flinders lane making clothes for teenagers like herself: cute and fun new fashions that simply weren’t available in the serious, grown up glamour of the 1950s.

Riding a revolutionary wave that started with Mary Quant in London, Prue opened up new markets and invigorated our staid, conservative world with increasingly high hemlines and bright colours in the latest synthetic fabrics. Out went all the accessories: hats, gloves, stockings so loved by their mothers. A new freedom was on display, and available for a reasonable price in your high street.

Soon followed by other trailblazers, including Norma Tullo and the House of Merivale, Australian women wore locally made clothing that reflected our Antipodean lives in a complexity that was lacking in international designs. 

Sadly I confess to not sharing this news quickly enough and it’s already booked out but if you’d like to come, I encourage you to contact the TJC in case of cancellations.


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