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I hope that you’re travelling well through these strange times. I have a number of upcoming talks and instead of visiting a venue, they’re going to be available online so you can sit and enjoy in the comfort of your home. Great news for those of us who might have mobility or location issues.

Glen Eira library and I did a test run back in May, where I presented a slideshow on 1920s fashion and it went down a treat, with ninety people in the audience, at different locations. So we have more planned for you – and best of all, they’re free.

Next week I’m talking about one of my favourite topics, the wardrobe of Marilyn Monroe. An icon of ’50s style she wore Hollywood glamour at its finest but in her private life, had simpler tastes. Together both wardrobes comprise a lot of what we love about ’50s fashion and why it continues to enchant us.

Bookings essential, as you’ll need the code to access the event.

And if you’re sorry to miss the ’20s talk, stay tuned because we’re going to do it again in October.

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Sam Shaw, 1957.

From Glen Eira’s website:

Marilyn’s costumes and personal wardrobe reveal much about her personality, public persona and the times that she lived through, with their combination of Hollywood va-va-voom and at the other end of the spectrum – a love of simplicity and beautiful fabrics.

Join Nicole Jenkins, fashion historian and author of books Love Vintage and Style is Eternal as she presents an intimate look at the style and sartorial glamour of one of the most famous women of the twentieth century.

What: Dressing Marilyn, the wardrobe of Marilyn Monroe
When: Thursday 9th July 6pm-7pm
Where: Zoom and your computer
Cost: free!
Bookings and more information – click here.

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