[Exhibition] Fashion Quarter at Como House

An exciting new exhibition is now on at the National Trust’s Como House. From the site:

Four fashion practitioners each transform a quarter of Como House in a new exhibition that explores the role of the stylist…an immersive exhibition of style and design that unpacks the polish of fashion photography, exposing the invisible staging, production and process behind an image.

In this exhibition four artists each with a distinctive approach will transform a quarter of Como House, merging the National Trust Costume Collection with contemporary practice. These artists include:

Kiri-Una Brito Meumann – artist
Stuart Walford – fashion stylist
Thalea Michos-Vellis – fashion stylist
Marc Wasiak – art director / production designer

Como Fashion Quarter will get you behind the scenes and up close with some of Melbourne’s most unique stylists and their striking visual interpretations that fuse the past with the present.

What: Como Fashion Quarter: exhibition
When: Selected dates 6 April 2018 until 1 July 2018, open 10am to 4pm daily.
Where: Como House, cnr Williams Rd and Lechlade Ave South Yarra.
Cost: $4.5-15 – see site for ticket prices.
More information: at the National Trust site.

This is a really interesting kind of fashion exhibition: the National Trust have entrusted their signficant costume and other collections to artists who usually work in other mediums and the result is fresh and exciting.

I’ll be honest: I was a little worried about the safety of the objects and whether they were protected but notices on the doors in some rooms reassure us that all care has been taken. Some of the displays are unorthodox but that’s the idea; to produce different ways of displaying fashion, in different and diverse contexts, to reach different audiences who might not usually visit fashion exhibitions.

For the artists, it offers them the ability to work with rare and special pieces and stretch their own skills.

I hope that the exhibition is a great success and bravo for the National Trust for exploring new avenues in museology. I encourage you to go and see it. Open selected dates until July 1st.


  1. There was a “guard” trying to unobtrusively stalk me, but I was wise to her subterfuge, as well as careful to resist all temptation to touch.

  2. I caught this towards the end of June and thought it was done fantastically, the 20th century dresses upstairs were stunning!

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