[Pics] Kylie on Stage exhibition

I hope you made it to the Arts Centre’s exhibition on Kylie’s costumes – which closed on the weekend. If you didn’t, here are some pics for you.

I must admit that Kylie’s music is a little too commercially pop for my tastes, but I appreciate her stagecraft. The exhibition included costumes from all of her tours, so you could see the progression of her persona – including original designs (by some of the world’s most successful fashion designers including local artists like Phillip Rhodes, a reminder of her home girl status). This was backed by several hours of concert footage, and a fast motion set up/perform/bump out of a French concert. It gave me a renewed appreciation of how much goes into a big tour.

It was fascinating, and so last night I watched some footage from a Glaswegian concert on her “Kiss Me Once” tour. She’s won me over. I admire her slick professionalism, her unflagging energy (under hot lights) and how damn glamorous she looks in every scene. Kylie sashays effortlessly over the line beween sweet and sexy.

In 1996 I went to a Regurgitator gig and Quan Yeomans was wearing a pink singlet dress with the words “Success Through Consistency” written on it. You could say that Kylie is doing a good job of following his advice.

What also impressed me was the text box near the door listing everyone who worked on the exhibition. This is the first time that I’ve seen this and what a great idea! A good display looks easy, and can often hide how much work – and how many talents – go into it. It’s nice that everyone gets recognition for their contribution and helps visitors see how many different parts go into the whole.

A little “Cherry Bomb” influence here perhaps?

My favourite: I just love the quality of the red silk drapery. So lush. It must feel amazing on.

Early Kylie, ’80s style.

Love the different coloured boots. This costume looks so much more spectacular when worn on stage.


  1. Nicole, I too am not a huge fan of Kylie’s music but nonetheless thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition. My favourite takeaways were the fact the KM herself often made final sewing touches on her outfits (gotta love a DIY diva!) and the statement, somewhere in the text that “Kylie didn’t dress to impress, she dressed to express.” So good to get such a comprehensive look at ALLLLL the work that goes into what is in the end such a fleeting ephemeral performance.

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