[Exhibition] Emporium 1950s Fashion

A great new exhibition on ’50s fashion and the department store is opening up soon at the Yarra Ranges.

From the official site:
Welcome to the glamour of 1950s fashion! Ladies and gentlemen, please explore and browse the shelves in Emporium, but men should avert their eyes in the ‘delicates’ department.

Emporium explores the rise of the department store, ready-to-wear clothing and advertising in the mid-20th century. Department stores opened across Australia in response to a rise in wealth, the evolution of shopping as a pastime and the changing role of women from homemaker to active consumer.

The exhibition features merchandise and picture-based advertising material from Albury’s iconic ‘Abikhair’s Emporium’, established by Syrian immigrants Saad Milham Abikhair and his wife Shefia in 1928.

Here are the details:
What: Emporium exhibition
When: Wed 27 July – Sun 23 October, 2016.
Where: Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, 35-37 Cstella St Lilydale
Cost: Free!
More information: at the Yarra Ranges site.


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