[Pics] Collette Dinnigan at MAAS/Powerhouse

Hi all,

Yesterday I enjoyed a lightening trip up to my hometown, Sydney to see Daphne Guinness talk about her collection of Isabella Blow’s fashion (opening Saturday at MAAS, more on that soon) and while I was there, took the opportunity to see the wonderful retrospective of Collette Dinnigan’s fashion, “Unlaced”.

I worked for Collette briefly, as a quality controller in 1998 and her work is really top-notch. Beautiful fabrics and great attention to detail. My role was fiddly but wasn’t hard because the standard of her product is so high.

On display at the Powerhouse/MAAS, it was lovely to see one of the dresses that I worked on. I love Collette’s designs and wish that she were still giving us beautiful dresses but I understand the need to do different things in your life. It’s nice to see that like Barbara Hulanicki, she’s applying her eye to interiors now.

Her work is heavily inspired by vintage fashion but is strong, sexy and modern, always feminine. I adore her sense of subtle colour and luxurious fabrics.

The exhibition is on until January 29th and was under-appreciated yesterday so I encourage you to go and see it.

Circa Vintage Collette03

Circa Vintage Collette04

Circa Vintage Collette05

Circa Vintage Collette06

Circa Vintage Collette07

Circa Vintage Collette08

Circa Vintage Collette09

Circa Vintage Collette10

Circa Vintage Collette11


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