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Thank you to everyone who came to last week’s sale and picked up a bargain. I had the best time: it was a wonderful reminder of what it’s like when you have a shop full of happy customers and they’re buying great stock at below-cost prices. So good and now I have a few thousand pieces less in my stockroom. I also loved seeing your pics on social media.

Today, as I went through the left overs and started to pack up I was stunned with what was left: a ’60s Burberry trench coat, a ’60s Miss Dior jacket, silk chiffon floral ’20s tea dresses, ’30s hand-embroidered silk underwear, enough tuxedos to remake all of Fred Astaire’s greatest movies: why weren’t these $10 pieces sold? I can only imagine it was because you had already had your fill and found all the items you wanted. Sorry if you missed it: you missed out. It was the personification of all those “heaven” dreams, or at least mine.

The good news is that the fabulous pieces that are left – along with more of my private collection – are being bundled into lots and will be going into a second auction at Steve Graham’s in April – stay tuned for full details when they’re available.

Big thanks to the wonderful ladies who helped me sort stock, set up and staff the sale – Rachel, Anniene, Nicole, Kristen, Rachel, Maggie and Becky. It was a pleasure to work with you all, and I hope we can do so again. I had so much fun and couldn’t do it without you. Thank you for supporting what I do.

Becky Lola Zsa Zsa
Becky, Maggie and Kristen looking surprisingly perky at the end of the busy sale.

This week I took a couple of days off, and am now catching up with everything and packing up the stock. I’m continuing my move into the new studio, which is a long and not particularly fun task but once it’s done it will be great – I’ll still be here at Mitchell House (I love it here and am very happy) but in the room next door, and will be available by appointment.

Can you believe it’s a year since “Style is Eternal” came out? It makes a great Christmas present in case you don’t already have a copy….and to celebrate I admitted defeat and accepted that pink really is my natural hair colour. Thanks Jay for making it great again.


Here’s the back – from Jay’s instagram. Jay has a beautiful Art Deco hair salon across the hall from Circa.

Ah, luscious pink curls, how I’ve missed you.

Pink curls


  1. I can’t believe I missed 20s tea dresses and 30s underwear, I’m sure I could have carried just a little bit more. I only had 22 dresses, 2 tops, a jacket and 4 lots of lingerie. I could have balanced it on my head if I tried, but I didn’t see it, there was so much.

  2. The good news is that these will be put into lots for the auction – so far we have a lot of 6 x ’20s and ’30s petticoats including silk. I was amazed that they made it through without being bought at $10 each! The silk in one of the ’30s petticoats is top notch, just lovely. You’re right, there was a lot and I think most of the ’20s silk dresses were in a box that was put out on Saturday so you could have missed them. All the boxes were there for foraging but with so many on the racks, that’s what got the most attention.

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