[Film] Iris and free tickets available

Recently I enjoyed the new film about Iris Apfel called “Iris” (warning: link contains autoplay trailer).


You know Iris: the incredible New Yorker with the most amazing collection of bold fashion and vintage accessories. She’s featured in my book “Style is Eternal” as well as the blog “Advanced Style” and many, many others.

She’s reminded us that true style is a way of life, a philosophy of living, a glass to see the world through and that interesting always trumps beauty. That it has nothing to do with being rich, or young or skinny – that it’s all about attitude.

I admire Iris so much. She’s 94 and has so much energy and joie de vivre.

Iris is the star of her own life and story and the promoter has kindly sent me some free tickets and two-for-one tickets, now available free with any order to the webshop, first come first serve.

Don’t miss this film! Highly recommended. So life-affirming.

“For Apfel, getting dressed is a creative act—like playing jazz, she says—and the unexplored expanses of the world are a sourcebook to fill her closets. It’s a sartorial safari seen through round, rose-colored glasses, and it looks, most of the time, like wild fun.”

Click here to see the trailer if you’re reading this on email.

Iris 900

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