Welcome to the new blog! Plus 20% off the webshop.

We’ve updated the blog with a new design and after some teething problems (resulting in multiple newsletters being sent out to subscribers among other things) I think we’re there now – if you are reading this on email, I invite you to click here to see what it looks like.


The background is a scan of a 1930s floral, a cool silky rayon – my favourite of all fabrics I think, as it not only drapes beautifully, but feels beautiful on.

Floral '30s

Can you believe this gorgeous fabric was made into a dressing gown/house dress? I love how in the past, even slumming around the house required beautiful clothing – and how good would you feel wearing this over your nightie when the milkman knocks on the door?


Clothes affect how you feel, so why not always wear something that you feel good in.


Life was hard in the ’30s and so everyone wore clothing that boosted their mood. Such a sensible idea, really.


Naturally the new design also applies to the webshop – so if you haven’t seen it yet, hop on over here – we’ve made a lot of improvements there too, in particular it’s now mobile responsive, which means that I’ve increased the image sizes and decreased the titles, as the photos tell you most of what you want to know.


One of the biggest improvements, is we’re now working to get the menswear range online.

Circa Vintage Webshop 012015 1877 Circa Vintage Webshop 012015 2297



You can see already departments for cravats, ties, bow-ties, cufflinks and shirts. Soon you’ll see suits, jackets, trousers, waistcoats, braces, collars, tie pins and shoes. In the next few weeks, I’ll be listing product number 3,000!


To celebrate the new site designs, plus Circa’s eleventh birthday, you can select any vintage fashion pieces you like from the webshop and receive a 20% discount by using this code during checkout: Many Happy Returns. Offer available until the end of August. Laybys not included.


Many happy returns Circa, I hope that you have many, many more.

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