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There are some exciting things happening in Circaland and I thought you might like to know about them too!

Firstly, I’ll be introducing a page to the webshop about the wonderful people who bring Circa’s vintage fashion to life – it makes such a difference to see fashion modelled by real people, and the people who help me have fascinating creative lives outside of me dressing them up.

Meet George, who is our first ever male model!


You’ll be seeing George in the menswear department, which will now be expanding with suits, jackets, trousers, accessories, all kinds of nice things for the chaps. I really like menswear and I love that now you can browse our selection from the comfort of your couch or desk.

We’re also expanding the webshop and blog with new designs and functionality, so soon you’ll be seeing a new look, with many more unique fashions listed. We’re already one of the largest specialty fashion e-tailers in the world with close to 2,000 products, and soon we will be even larger as the retail shop closes at the end of the month for browsing, to allow more space for the webshop. My specialist advisory services will still be available online and by appointment to help you choose the right outfit.

This will also give me additional flexibility to do more talks and research plus I’m applying to go to university to study history! A very long held dream, it will help me towards my ultimate goal which is to write about fashion history at a post graduate level.

Did you know that Circa’s primary model, Miss Becky Lou is a performer? She’s presenting her solo show “Shake” at the Butterfly Club next month: here’s a blurb:

‘Shake’ is the much anticipated debut solo show written by award winning Australian burlesque artist Becky Lou. Her sumptuous figure, joyous dancing and irreverent slapstick have delighted audiences from Geelong to New Orleans. Come for the shimmies, stay for the stories as being seen and not heard becomes a bit too hard for this striptease queen.”

Becky Lou 475

I can’t wait to see Becky Lou’s show, it received great reviews when she performed it in Adelaide recently – here’s a sample:

“I really enjoyed Shake. I had seen some Becky Lou’s work over the last couple of years in other shows and I think she has done an amazing job with her first solo show. Full of anecdotes about the “behind the scenes” life of a burlesque performer as well as stories of her childhood, Becky Lou’s casual and conversational tone really draws the audience in, and the intimate venue is perfect for this. Lots of laughs and of course lots of saucy striptease, the show also makes you think, and realise that those bump n grinders sure do have a lot to say!” Rosie R.

Becky has offered a discount price for Circa readers of $27 per ticket – just use the code “Circa” when you process an order through the Butterfly Club’s site: here’s the link. Offer expires next Friday, June 19th.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Hello
    Please let me know if you need help in your new online adventures. I can send my resume if you are interested. I love your shop and knowledge. Yay!

  2. Hi Philippa, we’re not looking for someone at the moment, but you’re welcome to send your CV and I can keep you in mind for future roles – please email me at nicole at Thank you!

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