Dior and I, and Advanced Style giveaway

Have you seen the new documentary about the House of Dior yet? It’s obligatory viewing of lovers of haute couture, as it gives a view into the makings of a new collection and launching it.

DIOR AND I key art-1

It focuses on Raf Simons’ first collection in 2012 and is wonderful for an examination of how the historical legacy influences his designs, which he combines with his modern aesthetic.

What really impressed me was the skill and dedication of the team behind him – the women and men who have been with the House of Dior for a long time and developed an impressive skill at what they do. These are the people who ensure that Dior produces fashion of the highest quality and stays true to the ideals of the company, regardless of which designer is currently at the helm.

The tone steps confidently between showing the human flaws of the people involved, whilst presenting them in a positive light – and then there are the gowns. The couture market is much smaller today than it was in the ’50s but it’s an important part of the industry and creates fashion in its highest form.

It’s worth the price of admission just to see the glorious walls of flowers. It made me wish we still had smell-o-vision! Christian Dior loved flowers, and reinvented women as floral displays in his designs, so I’m sure he would have loved Raf’s display! It’s a forgotten fact that his ground-breaking collection of 1947, popularly renamed the “New Look” was actually called “Corolle” – “like a flower”.

Dior flower wall

Here’s the trailer:

Madman have sent me a few double passes and several more “two for one” passes – if you’d like one, pop into Circa or order something online and I’ll send one out. First come, first served.

Or – if you prefer – we also have some copies of the wonderful Advanced Style documentary on DVD – here’s my review, I love these wonderful women and their great attitude to dressing.

Just let me know which one you’d prefer and I’ll include it in your order. Thank you Madman.

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